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Boston Literary Magazine, 2010 Winter 2011
List of Contributors

    Date Nerves & Secret Cat Knowledge - Thommy Melanson
    Fifth Grade Health Class, 1971 & Survivor - Hollis Robbins
    Sanctity & End of the World - Oleh Lysiak
    You Made Me a Slave to Silver - Mary Pacifico Curtis
    Lost Language - Ian C. Smith
    The Finale & Searching - Rose Kowaliw
    Plant - Susanne Forsyth
    View from a Bedroom Window & Long Distance - Kari Nguyen
    Rats - T. L. Sherwood
    Waking Hour - Shelly Holder
    Incurable Romantic - Chris Bullard
    poems on paper really are more beautiful - AJ Smith
    Still Dreams - Dave Davis
    Sex Education - Robert Watson
    Target Practice - Jeffrey Miller
    Special - Lee Robertson
    Decades, La Luna, & North of Schroon - Joseph Hesch
    Okay - Laury Egan
    Wages of Sin - Wanda Morrow-Clevenger
    i always hated - Casey Quinn
    fm radio - Jennifer Savage
    Goodyear - Elizabeth Maurer
    Unbelievable Worlds - Uzodinma Okehi
    From a Sinclair Dinosaur - Casey Francis
    The night John Lennon died - Jeffrey Miller
    Two Haiku - Bill Cullen
    The Life of a Match - Darrell A. Johnson
    Late Night Greenfield & Life with Teenagers - Laura Gail Grohe
    Grocery Day - Rae Rose
    Reflection - John Sheirer
    Bankrupt - John Lander
    Tomorrow, in the office - Tanuj Solanki
    Waiting - by Barry Basden
    Harriet Houdini - Philip Loyd
    The Buchanan Waltz - Bob Zappacosta
    Passage to Saturn - Al Ortolani
    Aung San Suu Kyi on house arrest - Stephen Ajadi
    Arguments - Steve Meador
    Out of Tune - John Pupo
    The Lone Cowgirl Rides Again, California, & Alma Mater - Laura Rodley
    Mother and Daughter - Wayne Scheer

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