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Laura Gail Grohe


Snow thickens night air;
siren screams the only sound
as I walk the dog.


Parade routes in spring
now empty of all but snow.
And one old woman.


Air smells surprising,
clean, no exhaust or dog shit.
February’s gift.

Laura Gail Grohe spent her formative years living in downtown Boston, playing in the fountain at Christian Science Center. She currently makes her home and writes her poetry in Greenfield Massachusetts.

The Finale
Rose Kowaliw

The blood red sunset
draws nocturnal birds of prey—
Night rides on black wings.

Rose Kowaliw

The wind licked my face
a thousand names on his tongue…
I reached up for one.

Rose Kowaliw enjoys creating art and Haiku and lives in New Hampshire with her family. She spends summers at the ocean walking the beach at dawn searching for sea glass. "I love the sparse beauty of a Haiku like the tides that are drawn to the moon."

La Luna
Joseph Hesch

The searchlight full moon
wore a veil of windblown cloud—
a December bride

Joseph Hesch

Chains of starlings stretch,
shivering, from pole to pole—
roadside rosaries

North of Schroon
Joseph Hesch

Highway gallery—
snowy landscapes framed by our
rusted truck's windshield

Joseph Hesch is a poet and short story writer who lives in Clifton Park, New York. His work has previously appeared in Boston Literary Magazine, as well as in Falling Star, With Painted Words, Foliate Oak and other publications.

Two Haiku
Bill Cullen

we ski at sunrise
parting the frozen waters
hush of new powder

a shrinking snowman
holds a sign bigger than him:
"Fight global warming!"

Bill Cullen published his first haiku in Modern Haiku in 1988. His senryu and haiku have appeared in many journals over the years including Asahi/International Herald Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, Frogpond, and Mainichi Daily News. His work has been frequently anthologized, including appearances in five of the Red Moon Anthologies to date (best haiku of the year series), and has placed or received honorable mention in many contests (Harold G. Henderson, Mainichi Daily News, Mie Times, among others). Bill was a co-judge of the Haiku Society of America's Harold G. Henderson contest in 2004. Bill works at a non-profit in Brooklyn, New York. He's married and has two college-age sons.

FM Radio
Jennifer Savage

drink a Corona
listen to My Sharona
days of youth are flown

Jennifer Savage is an old poet on a new journey. She loves haiku and believes everyone ought to write it, at least a little.

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