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Boston Literary Magazine, 2011 Winter 2012
List of Contributors

Table of Contents

    A Wife Examines her Husband’s Genitals After Prostate Surgery - Carol Lynn Grellas
    In the news - John Arendt
    And One For Good Luck - J. Spinazzola
    It Is & Moment Alive - Oleh Lysiak
    Silver - Erin Cole
    Take A Chance & Board Games - Cathy Spencer
    Orrin's Opus - Kurt Klein
    The Wedding - Dolores Regan
    All Grown Up - T. L. Sherwood
    Yearling Deer - Jane Banning
    Sunset - Mike Nicholson
    #129: fauxbrow bacon! - KC Wilder
    Dinner at the Tuba Museum - Rick Bailey
    The Toll Collector - Len Joy
    Queen of the Pathies & Beholder - Michael Milburn
    Writing the Dream - Robert Laughlin
    Christmas Eve, Christmas, Lilith, Winter's Canvas, Winter Night & The Gift - Rose Kowaliw
    Breeding Uniqueness - Karen Kelsay
    One month into the New Year & Breakfast - Bob Zappacosta
    Cataracts - Brandon Whiting
    Now - Andrew Buglass
    Small Soldiers - H.P. Rosenberg
    Go Time - Bob Shar
    Lord of Liquids - t m man
    The Clergyman Sleeps & A Boy’s Winter - Dave Davis
    His Mother - Kelli Slimp
    The librarian's tea, The birthday cake & On guard! - Virginie Colline
    A Winter Nap, Midnight & December - Susanna Hargreaves
    My Father was a Fisherman - mf nagel
    Jackpot - Scott W. Younkin
    Deli - Kyle Giroux
    In Winter & We Are All Dancers - Deana Prock
    Wrong Side Love - Myra King
    Together - Andrew Punk
    Scarf - Justin Jannise
    Fairy Tale - BryanaJoy Johnson
    Entropy - U. Okehi
    Ululations - Lizi Gilad Silver
    Burial - Corey Hutchins
    of babies and bath water - Joshua Clark Orkin
    Three Day Journey - Doug Mathewson

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