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A Winter Nap
Susanna Hargreaves

Hints of cinnamon
Surrounded by soft flannel
A sleeping dog sighs

Susanna Hargreaves

A dark starless night
The wind whispers to the moon
Wind chimes and magic

Susanna Hargreaves is an educator, writer, and mother of three enchanting children from New Hampshire.

Andrew Punk

Walking in winter
We slip and tumble on ice
Hands meet under snow

Andrew is a college student from New Jersey. When he's not studying or working he enjoys classic literature, pop music, and a good football match. This is his first published poem.

In Winter
Deana Prock

Stars brightly shining,
Snow conceals our tiny roof—
Your arms blanket me.

We Are All Dancers
Deana Prock

Pretty girls dance pink:
Graceful limbs, peaches and cream…
The mosh pit is mine.

Deana Prock lives in Brooklyn, NY where she is currently writing her Master's Thesis at Mercy College. She shares her space with one man, two narcoleptic cats and a very abused laptop. She has work published or forthcoming in BloodLotus, Full of Crow, and Rufous City Review. Her other creative outlets include the baking of bread and seriously divine red velvet cupcakes.

On guard!
Virginie Colline

laughing musketeers
two kids cross green lollipops
on a station bench

The Birthday Cake
Virginie Colline

big boy out of breath
the last candles on the cake
refuse to go out

The Librarian's Tea
Virginie Colline

a thousand tea times
inside the librarian's mug
the deep shades of brown

Virginie Colline is a French translator living in Paris. Her poems have been published in The Scrambler, Everyday Other Things, Haiku Journal, The Scarlet Sound, TrainWrite, among others.

Christmas Eve
Rose Kowaliw

Frosted pale moonlight
Diamonds sparkling in the sky
Candles in the snow.

Rose Kowaliw

The blue tattoo stained
her delicate, white shoulder
like a silent bruise.

Wiinter's Canvas
Rose Kowaliw

Brushstrokes of grey skies,
burnished snow-covered mountains
in storm-lashing hues.

Winter Nights
Rose Kowaliw

On cold moonlit nights
Winter doesn’t affect me
Sipping burgundy.

Rose Kowaliw

Distant church bells peal
Muffled by December snow
Peace on earth this night

The Gift
Rose Kowaliw

The look in his eyes
When I walk into the room
And his tender smile.

Rose Kowaliw enjoys creating original computer art as well as painting in oils, both of which have been shown in galleries in NY and New England. Her Haiku and poetry have been published in a wide variety of literary publications. She lives in pristine New Hampshire with her family and spends summers at the ocean walking the beach at dawn searching for sea glass. "I am drawn to the sparse beauty of a Haiku like the tides are drawn to the moon."

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