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Boston Literary Magazine 2014 Winter 2015
List of Contributors

Table of Contents


      Blue Horses - Melissa Palmer
      Chopin - Melissa Palmer
      Sitter - Richard Schnap
      Mementos - Richard Schnap
      Espionage - Richard Schnap
      Honorable Discharge - Brad Rose
      The Other Side - Richard Fox
      fil de téléphone - Richard Fox
      Recognized - Michael Keshigian
      Gone - Ed Severson
      Mrs. O'Reily - Douglas Polk
      In the Clearing - Steve Klepetar
      Random Harmony - Steve Klepetar
      Post-Valentine's Day Roses - Laura Lovic-Lindsay
      Confession - Sam Rapth
      On the Run - Alan D. Harris
      You may not want to stay - Terry Allen
      Food Stamps - S. Babin
      Kiss Attack - S. Babin
      Coyote - Laura Rodley
      I don't want to get carried away - R.J. Slais
      Honey - Larry W. Allen
      Check Out Line - Larry W. Allen
      Flying Dragons - Larry W. Allen
      Blondes - Doug Holder
      Not Alone - Krystyna Krystyna Fedosejevs
      Dear John - Michael C. Keith
      Giraffes - Kim Drew Wright

    Quick Fiction

      The Muse - Doug Mathewson
      As One with the Earth - Doug Mathewson
      Marcel Unchained - Ray Nessly
      A Natural American Spirit - Colin Rowe
      A Natural American Spirit - Colin Rowe
      You Make Me Feel - Mike James
      Mr. Goodman - Kevin Thomas
      It's Medicinal - Francesca Baker

    The Drabble

      Screaming - Michaela Gorin
      Two of You - Linda Niehoff
      Her Response - Patricia Rossi
      Freedom - Margaret Brinton
      Token - Daniel Thompson

    The Dribble

      I Know a Guy Who Knows a Guy - Paul Beckman
      Downsizing - Paul Beckman
      The Blame Game - Paul Beckman


      January in New Hampshire - Rose Kowaliw
      Escape - Rose Kowaliw
      First Snow - Rose Kowaliw
      December 26th - Carol Ann Palomba
      Daydream - Carol Ann Palomba
      From Who? - Janice Scully
      Winter Warriors - Janice Scully
      Young Pines - Janice Scully
      Time Lost - Chong Teck SIM
      ars medica - Jane Blanchard
      Winter Melody - Patricia Rossi
      Sient Morn - Patricia Rossi
      A Foreign Language - Michael Seese
      Cookie Climb - Michael Seese
      Dilettante - Michael Seese

    2014 Winter 2015
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